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Linkblog 21 February 2007

iTunes fingers musical fraud (tags: iTunes plagarism hoax copyright music )

The recordings of a British concert pianist who found fame in the last years of her life have been exposed as hoaxes – by Apple’s iTunes music player.
Customer Use of SQL Server Management Studio (tags: sql sql2005 )

Multitenant servers running SQL Server usually contain the databases of several customers. Thus, the use of SSMS for customer database management has special requirements to further isolate the display of the database names from SSMS users.
SQL Server Management Studio – Limiting views on shared servers (tags: sql sql2005 )

Shared servers usually have many databases belonging to different customers, and MS SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) will display all those databases when used by a valid login to connect to SQL Server 2005. If you seek to change that default behavior,